For adults, incarceration in Canada occurs within one of two systems - provincial/territorial (sentences of less than 2 years) or federal (sentences of 2 years or more). Within both systems, there are different levels of security classifications referred to as minimum, medium and maximum. Youth (ages 12 to 17) incarceration is administered at the provincial/territorial level. All candidates go through an application process prior to being linked to the Harvest network. 

Returning to Community

Typically, as inmates prepare to go home, there are few opportunities set before them. They are filled with anxiety and worry. The environment that they are preparing to leave is very different from where they are headed. When anyone spends time in an environment that is not their normal home, it is quite natural to be changed in some respect. They have had to adapt to a different way of living, acting and existing. The response to freedom can be overwhelming.


An individual that has been incarcerated has been through many changes. There have been changes in their environment, changes within themselves and changes within the people that they know and love outside of prison. This can result in a wide variety of feelings including depression, frustration, confusion and even difficulty in making seemingly simple decisions. Reliance and trust are two things that are extremely difficult for a formerly incarcerated individual.


Finances, housing, employment and transportation are just some of the needs that are relevant and important for things for everyone, including Harvest candidates. We also need some very import things such as love, a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging. When we don’t experience these things in our lives, particularly at crucial stages, then we are more likely to seek things out to fill those voids that are left. This can lead to a lifestyle that may eventually lead to incarceration. The Harvest network provides new community, friends and support to walk out the next season of life for a candidate. 

Becoming a Candidate

If you would like to be considered as a candidate within the Harvest network, please download and fill out the initial intake form below. Please submit the completed form to your chaplain. 

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