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What is Team Harvest?

  Team Harvest is a monthly giving community, made up of committed individuals who have a heart and a passion to see all of our brothers and sisters in Christ successfully re-integrated into our network of church communities.

Why should you join?

  1. Together we are able to serve our church communities by providing support, training and resources on an ongoing basis.
  2. You can provide predictable revenue by helping Harvest Prison Ministries avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, ensuring we spend more time on strategic planning, training and operation logistics - and less on fundraising.
  3. Simply put, you sustain the work. The Team Harvest community supports the day-to-day work and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the mission

What makes Team Harvest Special?

When you join, you become officially part of “The Team” and are on mission with us. Being part of the team, means you get to have official Team Harvest wear (coming soon). Our community members will receive insider emails, invites to events and a private Facebook group, and opportunities to get more involved. Additionally, everyone will have access to our new ministry app. Whether you give $15 per month or $1500, together, we will have sustainable impact.

How do I join?

Click the JOIN button below, or text “HPM JOIN” to 77977  you will instantly receive a URL link. Follow the prompts to set up your membership and giving level.